Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education shall consist of six – eight members. The term of office shall be two years with two members being elected each year. All members may succeed themselves for one consecutive term. The Board members shall elect the chairman of the Board, treasurer and secretaries for a one-year term and the Board chairperson shall be a member of the Church Council. If unable to attend a Church Council or Voters’ meeting, the chairperson shall designate another Board member to attend. The Board of Christian Education shall meet monthly or at such times as deemed necessary to fulfill its responsibilities.

The Board of Education shall:

  • Recognize that first and foremost, we are concerned with communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ to the students, and be aware of this mission in making administrative, financial and other decisions.
  • Select coordinators to provide administration and assistance with the various levels of Christian Education and annually review the rolls and responsibilities of the coordinators.
  • Foster, promote, and exercise coordinating supervision over the Christian educational program of the congregation.
  • At all times acquaint itself with the “best available” educational materials and make appropriate recommendations as necessary. It shall periodically review all teaching aids and materials recommended for use both as to content and relevancy.
  • Provide for the administration of any Christian Education class.
  • Provide for the administration of individuals with special needs.
  • Provide for the administration of Vacation Bible School.
  • Provide for the administration of the adult education program in conjunction with the Senior Pastor.
  • Develop teacher training and leadership programs.
  • Be alert to the need for facilities and equipment for all educational programs of the congregation.
  • Review and appraise all education undertakings and plan improvement and changes based on such regular appraisals.
  • Provide an annual budget to ensure that all phases of Christian education are properly financed.
  • Assist the Senior Pastor with development and administration of the Confirmation Program.
  • In consultation with the Senior Pastor, recruit and select necessary staff for all Christian Education Programs.
  • Communicate regularly with the Senior Pastor for consultation and guidance regarding methods, content of materials, and courses taught.
  • Select one member each year to serve on the Risk Management committee.