Board of Youth.

The Board of Youth Ministry shall consist of 7 elected members, 3 of whom shall be elected one year and 4 of whom shall be elected the following year. Each shall serve a 2-year term and may re-elect themselves for one consecutive term. The board members shall elect the chairperson, treasurer and secretary yearly and the chairperson shall be a member of the Church Council. If unable to attend a Church Council or Voters’ meeting, the chairperson shall designate another board member to attend. The Board of Youth Ministry shall meet monthly or at such times as deemed necessary to fulfill its responsibilities.

The Board of Youth Ministry Shall:

  • Develop a philosophy of youth ministry that is in accordance with the mission of Christ Lutheran Church.
  • Oversee the total youth ministry of the congregation. Visit with the youth to determine and minister to their needs. Build positive relationships with the youth.
  • Equip youth for faithful service to God and His Word.
  • Develop necessary policies to ensure that all phases of youth ministry are properly administered. Ensure the safety of the youth while attending youth ministry activities.
  • Work directly with the Senior Pastor on planning and carrying out youth ministry programs.
  • Encourage regular worship and Holy Communion attendance as a part of all youths’ spiritual development.
  • In conjunction with the Senior Pastor, select and train youth counselors.
  • Encourage youth participation in all activities of the congregation.
  • Be an advocate for the youth of the congregation in congregational matters.
  • Create and develop programs that allow youth to minister to their peers and to others in the congregation and community.
  • Create, develop, implement, and evaluate the youth programs of Christ Lutheran Church.
  • Provide youth with opportunities for meaningful Bible study and topic discussions.
  • Plan education and fellowship opportunities for parents and families.
  • Evaluate and recommend resources to be used in the development and implementation of the Youth Ministry program.
  • Keep in contact with, support, and encourage young adults in their spiritual development.
  • Ensure that facilities of the congregation are available for youth activities.
  • Be aware of and support youth ministry developments and programs from Synod and District Youth Ministry Boards and Committees.
  • Provide an annual budget to ensure that all phases of youth ministry are properly financed.
  • Select one member each year to serve on the Risk Management Committee.