Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees shall consist of a minimum of five, at the discretion of the Board; shall be elected by the Voters’ Assembly for a term of two years, and may be re-elected for one consecutive term. The Board shall annually elect one of their members as a chairperson who shall represent them as a member of the Church Council. They shall elect a secretary to take meeting minutes. They shall organize annually on or before December 1 and elect a chairperson who shall represent them on the Church Council. In the event the chairperson cannot attend a Church Council or Voters’ meeting, he or she shall appoint another Trustee to represent the Trustees at the meeting. They shall meet regularly as deemed necessary to fulfill their responsibilities.

The Board of Trustees shall:

  • Appoint a cemetery sexton who shall execute all matters associated with the cemetery according to the Constitution.
  • Provide for maintenance’ protection and improvement of all property of the congregation, and make provisions for adequate insurance coverage of such properties.
  • Monitor the use of the buildings and equipment and regulate the issuance of keys for same.
  • The Board shall maintain current inventory of equipment owned by the congregation.
  • For repairs and other emergency expenditures, they shall have power to draw upon the treasury in the amount not to exceed $500.00.
  • They shall transact all business of the congregation properly assigned to them by the Voters’ Assembly.
  • They shall be the legal representatives of the congregation and negotiate all contracts, loans, investments, and other property transactions as authorized by the Voters’ Assembly.
  • They shall be the custodians and keep in a safety deposit box all congregational securities, insurance policies and other property transactions as authorized by the Voters’ Assembly.
  • They shall maintain insurance and fidelity bonds in such form and such amounts as the congregation may authorize, and report thereon to the Voters’ Assembly.
  • Together with the pastor(s), the Trustees shall have jurisdiction over the custodial employees of the congregation.
  • They shall appoint annually a Computer Committee consisting of five to seven members which shall include a Trustee and the Treasurer. Members serve with no term limitation. The Committee shall provide regular reports to the Trustees and have a representative attend Church Council meetings when requested. They shall write operating procedures for the Committee and shall oversee and recommend all computer hardware, software, and licensing purchases as well as oversee and provide computer maintenance including security, back-up schedules, and inventory. They shall provide usage guidelines, data entry forms, and staff awareness and training. They shall define policy for the use and application of computers and software and shall pursue opportunities for automation of the operation of the church.