Board of Worship.

The Board of Worship is concerned with the setting of the worship service while the Elders are concerned with the doctrinal content. The Board of Worship consists of four members elected by the congregation and the following permanent members: director of music, organist(s), choir director(s), accompanist(s), and a member appointed from the Elders and from the Altar Guild. None of the permanent members can be the chairperson and only the elected members and the Elder can vote on salary matters.

Members are elected by the Voters’ Assembly for a term of two years and may be re-elected for one consecutive term. The chairperson is elected by the Board and represents the Board as a member on the Church Council. The Board shall elect a chairperson and secretary from among the Board members on or before January 1. The chairperson provides leadership’ delegates areas of accountability and assists in the execution of these accountabilities. The secretary takes notes, transcribes them and distributes them to the Board members, pastoral staff and Church Council. If unable to attend a Church Council or Voters’ meeting, the chairperson shall designate another board member to attend. The Board of Worship shall meet monthly or at such times as deemed necessary to fulfill its responsibilities.

The Board of Worship shall:

  • Assess the worship setting and music needs of the congregation and ensure the needs are met satisfactorily.
    • Educate congregation members in music ministry.
    • Encourage participation in music.
    • Promote the service of the choir(s) to Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church.
  • Screen and select, with the aid of the Senior Pastor, an individual for the position of Director of Music. Reports selection to the Church Council.
  • Screen and select candidates for the position(s) of organist. Establish a list of alternates.
  • Establish choir(s) and in consultation with the Director of Music and Senior Pastor, select the choir director(s) and accompanist(s).
  • The elected members of the Board assist the Senior Pastor with the supervision of the Director of Music, organist(s), choir director(s) and accompanist(s).
  • Assist the pastoral staff in a program of worship education for the congregation to enhance the worship life of Christ Lutheran.
  • Assist the pastoral staff and the Elders in planning the worship services with Senior Pastor approval.
  • Provide for the maintenance, protection and improvement of the organ, pianos, handbells, music equipment and supplies.
  • Assure that Risk Management and copyright guidelines are followed.
  • Recommend an annual budget including salaries to the Church Council and to the Voters’ Assembly to adequately finance the Board of Worship programs.
  • Select one member each year to serve on the Risk Management Committee.