Our Boards

The Board of Education is responsible for the Christian education at Christ Lutheran Church, including Sunday School, Confirmation, Adult Education and Vacation Bible School. Their activities include selection and training of staff, selection and periodic review of materials, and arranging for proper facilities.
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The Board of Elders assists the pastor(s) with the general welfare of the congregation, communicates with and encourages the spiritual welfare of members, ensures that worship services are proper and in order. The Board of Elders also helps maintain the spiritual and temporal welfare of the pastor(s) and his family, and initiates calls for a pastor when necessary.
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The Board of Evangelism’s chief responsibility is to spread the Word of God to the unchurched in our area. To do so, the Board of Evangelism enlists the help of the members of the congregation for personal witness, with training in evangelism work, and to invite prospective members to adult information classes. The Board of Evangelism also publicizes and promotes Christ Lutheran Church.
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The Board of Finance is responsible for the proper and secure collection, accounting and deposit of congregation contributions. In doing so, the Board of Finance provides each member of the congregation a statement of contributions and assists the Finance Secretary with the duties of his/her office.
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The Board of Human Care considers responses to all whose needs come to their attention, being concerned about poverty, unemployment, imprisonment, illness, loneliness, etc. The Board of Human Care screens the criteria and qualifications of the various community welfare agencies for use or support by the members of the congregation and community.
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The Board of Stewardship helps Christians grow as faithful stewards of Jesus Christ, carrying out Christ’s mission and ministry in their personal lives through the church. The Board also helps members understand and participate in the church’s worldwide mission and ministry and helps members to grow in the grace of giving.
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The Board of Trustees helps ensure that the church’s property and buildings are well maintained, improved, documented and insured. The Board of Trustees is the legal representatives of the congregation and negotiates all contracts, loans, investments, and other property transactions as authorized by the Voters’ Assembly.
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The Board of Worship is concerned with the setting of the worship service while the Board of Elders is concerned with the doctrinal content. To ensure a proper setting for worship services, the Board of Worship screens and selects the Director of Music, organist, choir director(s) and accompanist(s). The Board also establishes the choirs that participate in the worship services.
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The Board of Youth oversees the total youth ministry of the congregation, visiting with the youth to determine and minister to their needs, building positive relationships with the youth, and equipping them for faithful service to God and His Word. The Board of Youth develops necessary policies to ensure that all phases of youth ministry are properly administered and ensures the safety of the youth while attending youth ministry activities.
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