Board of Stewardship.

The Board of Stewardship shall consist of four members elected by the Voters’ Assembly. The term of office shall be for two years and a member may be re-elected for one consecutive term. A chairperson of the Board shall be selected and shall be a member, of the Church Council. The Board shall elect a secretary to take meeting minutes. If unable to attend a Church Council or Voters’ meeting, the chairperson shall designate another board member to attend. The Board of Stewardship shall meet monthly prior to the Church Council meeting. Two board members shall be elected each year. The congregation encourages the participation of associate members to help carry out the objectives of the Board.

The objective of the Board of Stewardship is to help Christians grow as faithful stewards of Jesus Christ, carrying out Christ’s mission and ministry in their personal lives through the church.

  • The committee shall find and use opportunities to help members understand the principles and practices of a stewardship life.
  • Help the membership to grow in appreciation of the privileges and responsibilities of church membership and to enlist and train members for their mission and ministry.
  • Help develop Christian attitudes and skills in family money management.
  • Help members to understand and participate in the church’s worldwide mission and ministry.
  • Help members to grow in the grace of giving.
  • As persons accept membership in our congregation, the Board of Stewardship shall assist the Board of Evangelism in the responsibility of integrating them into the life and work of the congregation.